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Dear LiveJournal user joelgc,

Your LiveJournal account joelgc, was suspended as it was a celebrity
impersonation without disclaimer.
The LiveJournal Abuse Team has allowed
these journals, which are inherrently a violation of the Terms of
Service, to exist so long as they contain appropriate disclaimers on the
userinfo page, and each entry in the journal.
Your journal did not contain
sufficient disclaimers, and was therefore suspended.

Any other LiveJournal accounts you own will not at this time have
action taken against them. However, please be advised that evasion of this
suspension will result in the termination of all LiveJournal accounts in
your posession. Further, this suspension is non-negotiable, and the
suspended journal will not be reinstated for any reason.

LiveJournal Abuse Team

What this means. On your user page you MUST type the word Disclaimer in the website box. You must also enter an IN-JOURNAL DISCLAIMER to your journal that is clearly marked as a DISCLAIMER.

Go to: http://www.livejournal.com/editinfo.bml and type in:
Webpage url: http://www.aftercelebrity.com
Website name: After Celebrity DISCLAIMER -or- DISCLAIMER

now go to: http://www.livejournal.com/modify.bml and SCROLL DOWN to the box marked as: over rides. when you see that, you will CUT AND PASTE the HTML from: http://www.aftercelebrity.com/add Make sure to take note on what kind of journal style you are using so you don't paste the "generator" html and you really have a "magazine" layout.

its REALLY easy. If you just are completely lost and confused by this... email your journal user name and a TEMPORARY password(Which you will change once we set your disclaimers up) to: after_celebrity_rpg@yahoo.com

To the GC Boys and to Tony Lovato, I have codes and a few $$ to help get the journals back up and running.

If you are SERIOUS about your journal and the game... please do what it takes to keep your journal. Billy, Pink, Dani, and I spent over 2 hours commenting the entire community so that everyone has the proper tools available and can't say they didn't know about this happening.

Thanks for your time.
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