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a birthday, eh?

So, my old friend, The Goose just finished celebrating his birthday which means he's another year older than me. He'll be one foot in the old folks home before me, thats for sure. Anyhow, Ryan... Happy Birthday.

I know you're not all that fond of going to the Laker's games with me and I got to thinking, what to get a guy who will pull his own teeth out for a role??? Then it hit me, you being a canuck and all, HOCKEY!

So, enjoy Goose. Full season of Los Angeles Kings tickets from me and my family to you, on your birthday.

See section 111? Thats where you are. Four rows up from the glass. Enjoy.

Oh, and save me a slice.

Now all you kiddies rush over to r_gosling and tell him "happy birthday" or "very merry un-birthday" or "happy belated" or whatever. I don't care, but he better get lots of birthday love!!
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