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Just a heads up. You can now have twenty icons on live journal. All the info can be found at: http://www.livejournal.com/users/news/72473.html?mode=reply It does cost money, but hey... why not? right? Live Journal is AD FREE and has an abuse team and staff that actually does their job. Its also a reliable server that has been around a long time. So, if you want MORE ICONS head over to The Live Journal Store at: http://www.livejournal.com/pay/

DON'T FORGET TO HAVE THE DISCLAIMERS IN YOUR JOURNAL!!! I just gave Hollya code, but I don't have like a gajillion to help everyone, so head over to: http://www.aftercelebrity.com/add and get the code to install that in-journal disclaimer. if you need help, post for it in ac_icons_layout. When a talented layout person is available to help you, they will. if you are using the old system, heck... i can even help.

AIM LIST! i have a pretty accurate aim list. it doesn't have everyone so i've taken the "privacy feature" off my name... temporarily. i'd gladly share my list with anyone. also, a new screen name list is being posted by one of the maintainers this evening... so that'll help TONS! my screen name: jr simbalake.

YAY!! *dances around* I GOT 20 ICONS! I GOT 20 ICONS! now don't say i never did nothing for nobody. look at me being all "news man" these past few days. w00t!

i love kim, tara, lance, and beth the most! even if they make me watch scarey movies, eat hard tacos, and make me piss my pants!
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